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How To Properly Set Your Calendar Wristwatch

On a standard calendar watch, setting the time, day, and date can look more complicated than it actually is. The picture below represents your average calendar watch as well as the positions of the crown. In the normal crown position, nothing can be set/changed as far as time and date are concerned, which makes this the position you would keep the crown pushed in while you wear it, hence the term "Normal Position".

Pulling the crown out one "click" will bring you to the "first" click. This position allows you to set the day/date or just the day depending on your watch. Rotating the crown in a clockwise position should change the date, this isn't always the case, but if clockwise isn't working for you, then try counter-clockwise. To set the day, rotate the crown in the opposite way that you did to change the date.
The key to this setting technique is to set the day and date to the day and date before the actual date (today's date). Then pull the crown all the way out to the setting position (second click) and rotate the time (hands) until the day/date changes to the current day/date at approximately midnight, not noon. This will allow you to know whether you're in a.m. or p.m. so that you don't get a day/date change at noon as opposed to at midnight.
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