Jewelry Cleaning Guide

All types of jewelry need to be kept clean so they look their best.  It's very easy to clean most pieces of jewelry. Some pieces of jewelry can pose some slight cleaning challenges.  Even though cleaning challenges may exist with some pieces of jewelry,  making them look better with a proper cleaning is not always impossible for you at home.

After viewing the video below, study the chart below the video to see if you jewelry is able to be safely cleaned in liquid jewelry cleaner or steam cleaned.

Please remember that just because your jewelry is clean, that doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be inspected for wear on prongs, worn jump rings, weak clasps on chains, and more potential risks. You should come and see us for free jewelry inspection at least twice a year.

If you have any questions about how to properly clean your particular fine jewelry or watch, please don't hesitate to call us! 

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Gemstone Cleaning Compatibility Chart

Gemstone  Ultrasonic Clean?  Steam Clean?  Comments 
Tourmaline A Little A Little  
Diamond Yes Yes  Diamonds can take most all liquid cleaners
Garnet A Little No  
Tanzanite  No  No  
Emerald  No  No  Very mild soapy solution will be fine
Sapphire  Yes  Yes  
Ruby  A Little  A Little  
Opal  Never  Never  
Iolite  A Little  A Little  
Pearl  Never  Never  A soft cloth and soft brush will clean pearls nicely
Amethyst  A Little  A Little  
Citrine  Yes  Very Little  
Peridot A Little Never  


Jewelry Metal Cleaning Compatibility Chart

 Material Ultrasonic Clean?  Steam Clean?  Comments 
 Sterling Silver  No  Yes  
 Gold  Yes  Yes  The only thing that can really hurt gold is Mercury
 Platinum  Yes  Yes  
 Titanium  A Little  Yes  
 Tungsten Carbide  A Little  A Little  
 Cobalt Chrome  Yes  Yes  
 Stainless Steel  Yes  Yes  
Gold Plate A Little A Little  

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