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Thank you for purchasing your engagement ring and/or wedding ring from Steven DiFranco Jewelers.  We sincerely appreciate your friendship and business.  At Steven DiFranco Jewelers, we all know and understand how important this time of your life is and we are truly honored that you chose us to be a part of it.

Your engagement ring and/or wedding ring is a valuable piece of jewelry that, with proper care, will give you many years of enjoyment.  Read further to see that, before you say “I do”, we say “we do”.  We do promise to perform the following services below so we can both look after your token of love, keeping it sparkly and safe for many years to come.

Cleaning:  We will ultrasonically and/or steam clean your new engagement and/or wedding ring for FREE as many times as you desire FOREVER.  If you want your jewelry cleaned by us every week - not a problem - we will gladly do it for you.  Keeping your ring looking beautiful makes us both look good, so don’t be bashful.  We WANT to help keep your ring clean!  If you need help in cleaning your rings at home, go to our YouTube page to view our video on how to properly use the jewelry cleaner and brush we give out FREE with every engagement ring purchase.  If you have questions on how to properly clean your jewelry please give us a call and we'll talk you through the procedure.  You can also come into the store for a personal cleaning lesson.

Polishing:  We will gladly polish minor scratches out of your engagement and/or wedding ring for FREE for the life of the ring.  Polishing does remove some metal, so we suggest polishing no more than twice per year to prevent wearing your ring out.  Deep dings and gouges will require more work to remove, so there may be a modest fee for this serice.  White gold rings will need to be rhodium plated to get their original “chrome like” look.  This is not included in the free polishing.  See rhodium plating of white gold rings below.  Some alternative metal wedding bands are not able to be polished or refinished.  Those alternative metal rings that can be polished or refinished will be shipped back to the manufacturer for this service and a modest fee will be charged.

Rhodium plating of white gold rings: We will polish and rhodium plate your white gold engagement and/or wedding rings for FREE for a period of one year from date of purchase.  The polishing process does remove a small amount of metal, so we suggest polishing no more than twice per year, as not to prematurely wear your ring out.

Inspecting prongs:  We will inspect your prongs EVERY TIME you bring your ring into our store for FREE.  Finding out a stone is loose before it can fall out is far less expensive then after it falls out.  We will tighten loose stones in our rings for a period of one year from date of purchase for FREE.  How often should the prongs be inspected?  At least twice per year is strongly suggested.

Sizing:  We will give you one FREE sizing, up or down, with each ring purchased.  This can be done at time of purchase or years later.

Appraisal:  A complete appraisal including picture is given with every engagement ring and wedding band purchase for FREE.  Given the ever changing precious metals markets, it’s wise to give us a call at 440-943-2700 yearly to see if the value of your engagement and/or wedding ring has gone up or down during the course of a year.  During the first year we will update your appraisal for FREE, after the first year, a modest update fee will be charged. 

Engraving inside the rings:  As long as your rings are shaped to fit into our engraving machine, we will engrave the inside of your engagement ring, wedding band, and gents wedding band for FREE.  Please note that some alternative materials are not engravable, or must be laser or hand engraved.  There will be a modest charge for laser or hand engraving, as this can be quite costly.

Soldering your engagement ring to your wedding band:  We will solder your engagement ring and wedding band together for FREE anytime you desire, as long as both rings are purchased from us.

Warranty:  Our warranty is simple:  There will be no manufacturing defects in any of our jewelry for at least one year after the date of purchase.  Our warranty does not require periodic inspections, but we do STRONGLY suggest an inspection at least twice a year.  We do not sell or suggest extended warranties.  This one year warranty is FREE.

Center diamond trade in policy:  Our center diamond trade in policy is unique to us.  We will give you 100% of the purchase price of any center diamond purchased from us that is greater than .20 carats towards the purchase of a new diamond that is larger and/or a different shape.  The new diamond just has to be $1.00 (one dollar) more expensive than the diamond being traded in.  There will be a modest extra charge for a new head and labor.  You can trade in your center diamond as many times as you wish.

Insurance:  We do not sell jewelry insurance or extended warranties.  We STRONGLY suggest that you insure your beautiful new engagement and/or wedding ring with the insurance company that handles your homeowners or apartment renters insurance.

What is all of this worth to you?  The merchandise and services we offer with your engagement ring and/or wedding band purchase are valued at least an additional $343.00!

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us and we'll be glad to help.

Thank you again for your friendship and business.  
Steve DiFranco

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