What are the jewelry trends for this season?

Angelica Bracelets

These are so cool!  They are made from recycled metal IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  They're available in white, yellow, and rose colors.  Here at Steven DiFranco Jewelers, we feel strongly about supporting the community, and the kind people at Angelica donate .25 cents for EVERY bracelet sold to Autism research.  That's very cool.  We've been told that as of the end of 2016, over $100,000. has been donated to this worthy cause.

Intuitions Bracelets

These are just as cool as the Angelica bracelets!  Available in yellow, white, and rose, all with meaningful sayings.  You can get Intuitions bracelets with our without a cute heart dangle.  As with the Angelica bracelets, the kind people at Intuitions donate .25 cents per bracelet sold to Baby2Baby, providing low income children 0-12 years old with the basic necessities that every child deserve.  We are proud to be part of this incredible cause.

Metal Color

As far as metal color goes, white colored metal is still king, but two tone, yellow, and rose are gaining strength at a rapid pace.  Our industry is telling us that two tone, yellow, and rose gold will continue to gain strength as time goes on.  In Europe, white is over, and yellow is king again, with rose gold coming on strong.

After speaking with our Bulova and Citizen watch salesmen, they are predicting a jump from 10-15% yellow sales to 20-25% yellow sales this year.  Hmmm....

Rose or pink gold is still VERY strong in all categories, including engagement rings and watches.


Men's watches are getting back to normal sizes from the huge "clocks" that were being worn on the wrist.  Diamonds and white crystals on watches for both men and ladies are still in demand.  The metal color in watches follows the jewelry metal colors very closely. 

For a European style, try a leather band for your watch.  Depending on the color of the band and it's texture, you can change a watch's personality dramatically.  Mother of pearl dials are popular for ladies watches.  Rose gold watches for both men and ladies are very popular.

"Military" style watches for men are extremely popular.  These watches are modeled after some early Russian military watches from years back.  Cloth bands, simple dials with popular price points.  Both Citizen and Bulova make some fine examples of these watches. 

Another trend is for ladies to be wearing men's watches!?  Yup, for sure they are.  I'm not talking about the HUGE guys watches, but the normal size men's watches are finding their way on to more and more ladies wrists.  As a matter of fact, we sell more Filip & Co. Blue Blood watches to ladies than men.  Click HERE to go to our Filip & Co. watch section in our online store.


Hoops are very strong in all metal colors.  Elongated, button, circle silhouettes, along with short drop styles will be the "must haves" for your jewelry wardrobe.  We've even added a selection of sterling silver and sterling silver combined with 14k yellow hoops in an affordable price range.  Silver mixed with 14k gold is gaining in popularity.

As always, diamond stud earrings are a staple in every woman's jewelry box.  Don't forget about jackets to enhance your diamond studs.  And don't forget our exclusive diamond stud earring trade up policy.


Cuffs, multi-strand gem and pearl pieces.  Anything sterling silver, even with yellow gold accents.  Bracelets never seem to calm down with us.  Our Rebecca line of bronze jewelry has some bracelets in it that have been a huge hit.  Click HERE to go to the Rebecca jewelry section in our online store.  Our sterling silver Stefano Bruni line is high style at reasonable prices.


Warm natural colored gemstones are continuing to be popular, this should continue through 2016.  We noticed a huge increase in all colored stone jewelry over the past year.  Morganite (which is really pink beryl) is the current gemstone "darling" for sure, especially set in rose gold.


The "vintage look" is still holding on, proving not to be a "fad".  This vintage style started strongly in engagement rings and has morphed into earrings, and bracelets.