About Steven DiFranco Jewelers

As a young child, maybe 12 or 13 years old, my dad ("Pop" as I call him, "Mr D". as other people call him) would take me around the country as he sold cameras to jewelers.  Early on, Pop sold Keystone cameras.  As time went on, Pop sold Elgin watches, then finally fine jewelry.  Over the years, I was getting quite an education on how the jewelry industry worked while traveling around the country with my Dad.  As a matter of fact, there are still a few of the "old timers" around that knew me since I was very young and still call me Stevie.

Once I was a teenager, Pop said "time to get a job kid".  I replied: "I want to be a race car driver".  Pop said, "I've got you a job at Richard's Jewelers in the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor".  Not exactly driving race cars, but it seemed to me that I had little choice in the matter.

After a few years at Richard's Jewelers, I moved over to Alvin's Jewelers at Shoregate (the manager I worked for back then, works for me now!), and then to Alvin's the old Mentor Mall. The education continued.....

Steven DiFranco Jewelers was incorporated in 1973 as a wholesale only trade shop and jewelry wholesaler.  As the business grew, Pop and I expanded into the retail jewelry arena.  Now, Steven DiFranco Jewelers has the largest selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings in Northeast Ohio.

Our in-store repair and manufacturing facility is truly state of the art, and one of the most technologically advanced in Northeast Ohio.  Some of our high-tech equipment includes: laser welder, computerized engraving, laser engraving, machine engraving, CAD-cam 3-D custom design, 4 axis cnc mill, casting, 2D design computer, computer output from our diamond microscope, automated finishing equipment, and last but not least, very talented craftsmen to operate all of our sophisticated technology.

Our family owned and operated 1600 square foot store is anxiously awaiting your arrival.  Stop in anytime to browse or just to have your jewelry cleaned and inspected at no charge.  You can even ask Pop how he got his purple heart in World War II.  You can also ask him about receiving the French Legion of Honor Medal for his service in France during World War II.  Not only is he a great Dad, but he's a war Hero as well.

Recently many of you have asked about my Mom, knowing she was ill for quite some time.  Sadly, she has passed away in early 2014.  Thank you very much for your love and support during that time.

Before Father's Day in 2014, I asked Dad to find some cool old father and son pictures.  He found the priceless one on the left from 1962 (I was 5 years old).  Somebody at our store had an idea to re-create the picture.  You can see the results.

Most of you know that Dad is a World War II veteran, and a reciepient of a Purple Heart.  On February 22, 2015 Dad was the recipient of the French Legion of Honor medal, Knight Level, in a ceremony at the American Legion Hall Post 214 in Willoughby.  This is the highest honor that the country of France can bestow on anyone.  To Dad's left is Brett Woener, Commander, American Legion Post 214.  To Dad's right is Mr Stephen Knerly, Honorary French Consulate.  Almost 100 of Dad's family and friends were in attendance.  We're all very proud of Dad and his service to our country.

Thank you all for your business and most importantly your friendship,

Steve DiFranco (you don't have to call me Steven)