Steven DiFranco Jewelers Position on "Conflict Diamonds"

The movies call them "Blood Diamonds", our industry calls them "Conflict Diamonds".  Either name refers to diamonds used to finance rebels aimed at toppling legitimate governments.  Obviously, this is a tragic and unacceptable situation.

Thankfully, Hollywood brought this terrible issue to all of our attention.  In normal Hollywood fashion, some of the information was "enhanced" for entertainment purposes, but the basis of the issue is very true.  Don't get me wrong, conflict diamonds and their uses are a terrible thing, but thankfully, according to our industry, these diamonds only make up 0.1% of the whole world's production, an extremely small amount. 

Our industry is doing a great job in trying to eliminate Blood/Conflict diamonds from the world, by working with countries to show them that the proper marketing channels for their diamond production is far more beneficial for everyone concerned.  This is done by having all buyers and sellers of rough diamonds assure that diamonds supplied are from proper sources and these sources are not involved in the funding of a conflict of any nature.  Failure to follow the strict industry guidelines can find a buyer or seller stripped of their ability to conduct business in the diamond industry.

At Steven DiFranco Jewelers, this issue is extremely important to us.  We insist that all of our diamond suppliers provide us with conflict free diamonds.  Any manufacturer or importer that will not assure us that all of our diamonds are conflict free is immediately removed from our approved vendor list.