Steven DiFranco Jewelers Ring Sizing Chart


Below is an international ring sizing comparision chart.  Now you can easily convert either measurements or ring sizes from around the world to the sizes commonly found in the USA.

Please note that rings come in general widths, skinny and wide.  There are two separate width sizers that can be used to determine the proper size of a finger.  At Steven DiFranco Jewelers, we can size you with both style sizers depending on the ring being sized.  We can help you determine what type of ring you are getting the size for, either skinny or wide.  Remember, when getting your finger sized, the only time that the size will be EXACT will be at the time of sizing. 

For numerous reasons, fingers expand and contract, altering the way a ring fits.  It's not uncommon to have a ring fit loose in the winter months (cold), and then tight in the summer months (hot).  It is not wise to resize your ring twice a year to get it to fit perfectly all year round.

If you have any questions regarding how to properly fit a ring to your finger, please feel free to call us or drop us an email, we'll be glad to help.
Can't figure out how to get your wife's or girlfriend's finger size?  This is easy.  For years, we've been telling customers to take a ring that their wife or girlfriend wears on their ring finger and put it on your finger.  All you have to do is remember what knuckle the ring stopped at and which finger you used.  Now, we can measure your finger and get pretty close to what her exact size, and she'll never know what you did!

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